Totally Rad Demo Photoshop Actions

This is a guest post by Meggie from ShoeString TightRope
Recently a fellow blogger, Dear Lizzy, posted about the actions she uses in Photoshop. Lizzy goes to Totally Rad and I couldn’t help but try it out! I used a couple of actions that are introduced before the screenshot, and the original photo is compared on the right! My sister (yes, my claim to fame: I’m related to this young woman!) is the beauty who is in the photos!

Quadrant Colors:

Slice Like A Ninja & Lux (Hard)

Super Fun Happy:


Bitchin’ B&W:

I think my favorite is the Super Fun Happy…

you gotta check Totally Rad out, because it is addicting and way too much fun to read their titles of the demos… “Bitchin’ B&W”… hahahahaha!

Also, if you’d like to see more photos from C’s little photo shoot she did for me when I first got my new camera, GO HERE!

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